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If you can’t get enough of “Stranger Things” here are some behind the scenes secrets which will no one knew until now. The secrets revealed by The Duffer Brothers and executive producer Shawn Levy in a show called “Beyond Stranger Things” hosted by Jim Rash.

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1. The Upside Down was mentioned as Nether in the script and first season

Secrets of Stranger things

But once the first season was released and fans related the scene where Eleven and the boys flipped the Dungeons and Dragons board in order to explain the alternate dimension the term “Upside Down” had clicked.

2. The Demogorgon was played by a real guy in the first season

Secrets of Stranger things

For the next season, they used special effects and CGI.

3. Finn Wolfhard filmed his audition when he was sick

Secrets of Stranger things

He was 11 years old and gave the audition from his bed.

4. The script for auditioning the kids were lines from Steve Speilberg’s ‘ET’

Secrets of Stranger things

“Stranger Things” used too many references from 80s movies and ‘ET’ was one of the mains.

5. Gaten Matarazzo has a mild condition of Cleidocranial Dysplasia

Secrets of Stranger things

It is the disease in which the bones and teeth do not develop properly. So the directors wrote the character of Dustin in the aspect of his life.

6. The character Steve was meant to remain, stereotypical 80s bully

Secrets of Stranger things

But the character was given a new perspective after meeting Joe Keery. They have made the character likeable.

7. The original location for “Stranger Things” was supposed to be Montauk, New York

Secrets of Stranger things

‘Jaws’ was the favourite movie of the Duffer Brothers. So they wanted a coastal location but it was becoming very difficult to shoot. So finally it was shot in Atlanta, Georgia.

8. They named the Seasons as Stranger Things 2 and 3

Secrets of Stranger things

They wanted the audience to perceive it as a long movie.

9. Millie Bobby Brown actually shaved her head for the role in the first season

Secrets of Stranger things

But for the next seasons, she wore bald caps.

10. Noah Schnapp had to wear hair extension for the second season

Secrets of Stranger things

His natural hair was not as long as was required for Will’s bowl cut look.

11. Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown are the closest friends

Secrets of Stranger things

Although there are almost no scenes featuring them together in the show, they are the closest of friends offscreen.

12. The directors intentionally played creepy music on the sets

Secrets of Stranger things

They did this to set the mood for the scene of the young actors.


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